The Bashful Tarte

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Breakfast Menu
Because we are so unique please call the day before you would like to pick up your morning pastries. These freshly baked goods are perfect for morning meetings, when you have company coming, or when you would just rather let someone else do the baking! We also have granola available (crunchy and not too sweet)...


Sweet or savory and biscuit-like. I use ingredients such as fresh strawberries for sweet scones and things like sharp cheddar and bacon for savory scones. I use what is fresh and available!

$2/each or $18/dozen


Start your morning out right with a Power Muffin or a sweet fresh blueberry muffins with a lemony glaze. I also have a delicious cinnamon coffee cake muffin that is sure to go well with your morning coffee.
$2/each or $18/dozen

Buttermilk Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuit can be paired with sausage gravy or pick some up for your dinner! Give me a call and I can have them ready for you to pick up. These are made fresh by the order so please call ahead!
$10/ 1/2 dozen  $18/dozen